The leafs are changing color and are falling from the trees, animals are preparing for colder times. It is autumn again. Everybody is looking for the right products to make their home cosier. 

Take a look at our assortment below, want to see all? Please visit our webshop. 

Birch Trunk  Birch Trunk Celastrus Celastrus Cork Pieces Cork Pieces Dadel takken Dadel takken
Lantern Lantern Lantern Lantern Lantern Lantern Birch Vase Birch Vase
Pear Wood Pear Wood Owl Owl Owl Owl Stick Mushroom Stick Mushroom
Stick Pumpkin Stick Pumpkin Vase Antique Vase Antique Wreath Mushroom Wreath Mushroom  







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