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Nothing says ‘spring’ like tulips!
New (peony) tulips at Goedegebuure Natural Decorations.

With new we mean really new! A few new species in small numbers, all sustainable quality products, such as tulip Bizarre, Black Hero and Imena.

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New / exclusive
A few types that we offer in the near future are really new to the market. They are exclusive and only available in limited quantities. Non of these special tulips will be auctioned, so make sure you will be there in time!

All tulips that we receive come from the cold soil. It is really a nature/seasonal offer, so you will get a wilder bouquet with more volume than tulips from the greenhouse. Therefore we cannot exactly say when we get what or how much. We offer a total of 15 species, until early May. At this moment, the Purple Peony and Yellow Pomponette are available.

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Tulips can be ordered in the same way as you place your other orders. In our web shop you will find our stock of fresh tulips. Your oder can also be linked to your customers via e-trade. Of course you can also place an order by phone.

Why order through Goedegebuure?
- Fresh tulips are delivered to us every morning, so there always will be a stock of fresh tulips!
- Tulips can be ordered per package, so you can buy exactly what you need!
- As usual we always deliver your order quickly!

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The producer

Meko-Hulsebosch is a modern floral and plant producer in Hillegom, the Netherlands. Besides cultivating sustainable quality products they also produce arrangements with flower bulbs. Nico Hulsebosch grows tulips for 25 years, but they have only just started with these new species. Here the tulips are harvested from the fields, washed and neatly packaged for sale.

More information?
For more information, orders and sales, please contact us.

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